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Our company is one of the leaders in the international dating sphere, we are well-experienced as we have been working since 1999. We do care for our clients and their interests. Therefore we publish only real and checked Ladies in the database whom we contact by the phone, as well we request their documents if it is necessary and we deliver all presents and flowers to them through independent agents. We have the largest net of independent agents all over the world who deliver flowers and presents ordered by our clients.

The site is equipped with a very flexible search system, free letters of interest and comfortable correspondence service. Moreover many Ladies have video presentations.

We go with the times offering only the best and newest services to our members in the international dating sphere - two way Live Video Chat with a big window for video and audio streaming of high quality. You can get immediately acquainted with a Lady, during 2-3 minutes online!

Every day a lot of new ladies are published in the catalogue! We throughly follow the anti-scam policy and we do examine attentively any member's complaint. All information about scamming actions is taken into consideration and a Lady-scammer is immediately published in the black list. Therefore the percent of scamming actions is almost zero and our clients trust us!

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I am Khristina, 23 y.o. from Kirovograd, I am sociable and easy-going and supportive person, who will always help if it needs. I am a very 
romantic person and like bringing romance, excitement and happiness in everyday life. I am loyal, 
caring and honest. I like making people around me happy and smile and fill everyday life with joy.
I am Irina, 35 y.o. from Zaporozhye, I am a kind-hearted and tender personality who takes much pleasure in every day that comes. My friends say I am good-looking but I hope that it is my loving and tender heart that is my most valuable treasure. I am lucky in all spheres of my life but now I want to get more concentrated on my personal life, I dream so much of having a united and loving family! You will be surprised but everything what I do I can call a hobby: I love to study and to gain something new in my mind, I love my work, my life is my hobby - to do something, to help someone and to feel everything around me.
I am Veronika, 23 y.o. from Nikolaev, I am so hot and in the same time shy girl. But I think one day I will show to my man all my passion...
I am Tatyana, 20 y.o. from Nikolaev, I am loving, tender, understanding, honest, sincere, open minded, romantic and active lady.
I am Inna, 26 y.o. from Schaste, I have a lionessí temper and the playfulness of a cat)I belive that life is wonderful and a person should be positive and happy.I am always in harmony with myself, I think it is very important.I am very merry person, as I prefer to laugh than to cry.I am reliable and sincere. I am very persistent person and try to achieve all my goals and dreams :)I like communication, traveling and talking to my friends and parents. I reading books is my hobby, usually I read them before going to bad at night.I wish to learn more about different mysteries of the world, discover something new all the time, travel and hope that my partner will also share these interests.
I am Yulia, 22 y.o. from Odessa, I am a very kind and romantic, charming and sensitive. I am very sociable and have a lot of friends with whom I like to spend my free time doing a lot of interesting things together. I am cheerful and positive. I am a woman with the smile on my face. You always will be impressed by my personality and my character.
I like reading and history, music and cinema, theater and exhibitions. I am very active and I always like to lead the active style of life. I am fond of sport and fitness, I always want to be in a good shape, to look attractively all my life. I like disco and dancing, in such way I can relax and rest, to forget about my ordinary not always positive life.
I am Veronika, 23 y.o. from Odessa, I am a person who loves learning new thing. Lately I have been studying English and Chinese languages. As far as my other personality traits, I can say that I am very goal oriented, and outgoing. I always have things to achieve, and new horizons to widen. However, at the same time, I am very-very gentle. Deep down inside I want to feel weak, just like I was when I was a child. And that kind of feeling only a loving man can awaken in me.
I love sports. I have been dancing and doing yoga for a few years now. I also adore horseback riding, and bicycle riding. My mother is a psychologist, so she has gotten me interested in that area as well, thankfully to her, I\'ve been reading lots of psychology books, which I find very interesting. I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, one of my dreams is to take some professional cooking classes. And also traveling! I love travelling! So far I have visited Malta, France, Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece and Turkey. The next ones I would love to visit are Italy, Maldives, and Malta. One more thing you should probably know about me. I love animals. Right now I have a cat, and his name is Basya, when the situation would get more suitable I would love to get a girlfriend for him.
I am Tatyana, 34 y.o. from Odessa, I am a sociable, responsible and cheerful woman, I can be different in different situations, but I know how to behave right in the society and with my beloved couple, how to surprise and to enjoy the life. I appreciate family life and my relatives and in future I dream to create my own world, with the mutual understanding and big love, with respect and tender feelings.
I am fond of psychology and cultures of different nations and countries; I like to discover new things, to communicate with new people, to help my friends and relatives. Music always has positive influence on my mood and if I am not well, I always listen to music, romantic and relaxing, charming and melodic.
I am Svetlana, 34 y.o. from Odessa, I am very sociable and cheerful, you will never be bored in my company; I have a lot of close friends that appreciate my openness and kindness, I am ready to help my dear people if they need my support. I am very romantic, I still believe in love from the first sight, I believe in destiny and true love. My heart is very tender, I want to fall in love forever. My life I see only in the bright colors, I want to enjoy my life with a very special man. I am worthy of big and passionate everlasting love.
ostly all my time I spend at work, I am the administrator, usually I communicate with a lot of people every day. I have a lot of interests, each new day I try to find something new, I adore to explore my life, to enjoy each second of it. I like to learn new cultures, countries, traditions. In the future I would like to travel to different places and to see our big world. I like to decorate my home, I am a good designer, I like to find the interesting old things. I like shopping, it always makes my mood better. I like communication with the cheerful and positive people, that can teach me something new. I can be very attentive and patient.
I am Svetlana, 40 y.o. from Odessa, I am a positive, energetic and mild-temper person. I always welcome good people in my friendship and life. I am sociable and outgoing. I have different interests, as I do not smoke or drink. I prefer to lead a healthy style of life.
In my spare time, I like meeting my friends, going out in the nature, traveling and reading books. I like visiting theatres, cinemas, jogging sometimes and cooking.
I am Sofia, 22 y.o. from Odessa, Sofiya, no, it\'s not the the name of the song, and it\'s not the name of the model, and not even a name of a sweet-cake. Amazed? Yea, dear - Sofiya is my name! And what do you imagine for yourself, with such a name I didn\'t turned in to some tender spoiled French woman, I\'m still young active and developed Ukrainian! Glad? I\'m real!
From what to start? You know, I have a lot of interests, but most bright from them are sports (as you understood probably from my picks already) which are keeping my body in good shape, theaters - keeping in the good shape my soul, and traveling - keeping in the good shape my mind! How are they sound to you? Good?
I am Oksana, 25 y.o. from Kremenchug, I am an altruist. I prefer to give...The biggest reward is to feel needed. I can say that I am very goal oriented, yet gentle. I don\'t like to create problems, and prefer to solve them immediately. I can say that I am positive and very calm. No matter what happens it always happens for a reason, and to me it is the truth of life. One of biggest things that the girls get jealous about is my ability to eat much and never gain one pound!
My interests vary! One of my hobbies is modeling, I love to cook, I love to read, I can never feel down if good music is playing. Arts and crafts are always welcome in my free time. I also love to hang out with my family and friends. I think that good social life is an essential part of one\'s being. Traveling is a big hobby of mine as well. Would you like to explore the world together with me?
I am Natalia, 28 y.o. from Odessa, I am an energetic and romantic girl. I have a hot passionate heart and a very gentle soul. Im like a rose that blooms and is disclosed in the course of life. We have one life and we need to take from it the best of everything, to catch here every moment and to enjoy every minute of it. I love romantic and touching moments, I like walking on the beach, looking at the stars in the night sky. I lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Interested in dancing and fashion shows. I like active outdoor recreation. I love bowling, and play it as well as in jeans and a dress. I have a very good sense of humor, Im sure it is very necessary in our modern world. I try to be myself in any situation and to be beautiful always and everywhere. My motto in life: I need to live that ancestors to be proud me, children loved me, friends to respect me and beloved man was happy with me.
I am Lidiya, 21 y.o. from Odessa, I am a very active and very goal oriented person. My life is full of different events, and I love always to stay in the middle of the exciting things. I am very outgoing, and positive. I think that life is made for us to make the best out of it, so I try to stay as busy with things that I like as possible. I am very open minded to new discoveries, and new views. I am loyal and would never betray anyone. People say that I am trustworthy, and I do like to think so too.
I am a student in the university right now, so I have wide variety of interests that have to do with my student life. I am very interested in politics and sports. I love art, music, dancing, and photography.
I am Ekaterina, 28 y.o. from Kremenchug, I am a very fun and outgoing person. I enjoy being around people because I truly believe that one can learn things from others. I can say that I am caring and loyal. I have been raised with a belief that if you want to be treated a certain way, you should treat others that way. I am very romantic person. I believe in true love, the kind that is described in movies and books. I love to stare at the moon, and count falling stars.
I am very interested in psychology, music, cultures. I like everything that has to do with mystical things. I love to learn about traditions and rituals. I read everything that I can get my hands on, however, more than everything I like to read fiction and motivational literature. As for my hobbies, I do lots of arts and crafts. DIY tutorials are my favorite.
I am Anastasia, 29 y.o. from Odessa, I am a very creative and talented person, I work on TV, and it is very exciting, I always lead the active style of my life, I put a lot of aims that I always achieve. I am very sociable, I can be as a good listener as a very interesting teller, you will feel very comfortable in my company. I put love and serious relationship on the first place in my life. I will reach the highest spot of the mountains in order to make my future man very happy. I am very romantic, very kind and polite inside. I am the real tender lady that is waiting for her Romeo.
I have a lot of favorite things that I like to do in my free time, and the list of them is rather long. I am fond of reading, traveling, cooking, old cultures, shopping and fashion, cinema and theatres, restaurants and museums, sport and healthy style of life, music and singing. I have a very nice voice, and I like to sing at home and in karaoke. I like meditation and yoga; it helps me to concentrate in my life. I adore animals and spending time outside, my favorite season is spring, I always feel its coming, I adore flowers and surprises.
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