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Our company is one of the leaders in the international dating sphere, we are well-experienced as we have been working since 1999. We do care for our clients and their interests. Therefore we publish only real and checked Ladies in the database whom we contact by the phone, as well we request their documents if it is necessary and we deliver all presents and flowers to them through independent agents. We have the largest net of independent agents all over the world who deliver flowers and presents ordered by our clients.

The site is equipped with a very flexible search system, free letters of interest and comfortable correspondence service. Moreover many Ladies have video presentations.

We go with the times offering only the best and newest services to our members in the international dating sphere - two way Live Video Chat with a big window for video and audio streaming of high quality. You can get immediately acquainted with a Lady, during 2-3 minutes online!

Every day a lot of new ladies are published in the catalogue! We throughly follow the anti-scam policy and we do examine attentively any member's complaint. All information about scamming actions is taken into consideration and a Lady-scammer is immediately published in the black list. Therefore the percent of scamming actions is almost zero and our clients trust us!

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I am Larisa, 20 y.o. from Zaporozhye, Im very joyful and fun-loving. I try to carry everything I do to its conclusion, Im responsible, sociable and sometimes impulsive. I am very responsible and reliable. I like meeting interesting, 
intelligent and talented people. I like to take care of my body. I try to visit the gym regularly. I love dancing. I have a good sense of humor and Im very romantic. My leasure-time I prefer to spend by the sea or with my friends and relatives. My romantic nature seeks for a Man, the only One I would give all my Love to, the one whom I\'ve been waiting for all my life.
I am Ekaterina, 19 y.o. from Kharkov, I consider myself as a cheerful person, full of optimism and energy. I strive for great travel, new 
experiences, unknown horizons and new friends. I always know what I want. Because I believe that the desire is already 50% of success. I am open for new acquaintances. My heart is full of romance. I am looking for true love.
I am Anna, 24 y.o. from Kherson, I can say that I am a very passionate, romantic and trusting nature. I have just a sunny smile and a positive attitude in life! I am the one who always helps close people in troubles
I am Anna, 26 y.o. from Kherson, I\'m extremely creative person! I love life and living happily! I usually like to listen to classical and modern music too. I like to do paintings, I love to draw! I like the adrenaline released in the blood so I jumped with a parachute, went on a motorcycle, dived with my dad! I like many different outdoor activities! I love active vacations! I believe that in life one must see a lot of new and interesting but always remember that the most important thing is a good person close you!
I am Angelica, 22 y.o. from Kherson, What can I say about myself? I am the one who always remains true to myself, I do not like to play because acting is created for the stage but not for life! I am very positive person and always look at life with all its positive side, never afraid of obstacles that come across my path because they make me even stronger and wiser. The most important value in life, I believe is the family, I love children. 
My dream is to create a large and strong family and have a good job which I will bring not only money but pleasure; I want to travel the world with a loved one. At the moment I\'m living a dream but I hope I will find here the person who helps me stay in my dream a reality.
I am Anastasia, 25 y.o. from Kherson, About myself I can say that I am a bit shy, kind, touching girl. There is still a little girl in me. So sometimes I can be naughty and from the heart fooling around. I am very positive and cheerful. I am not interested in secrets from the husband. Nobleness, tactfulness are above all for me. When my equanimity is broken, I can not utter a word with the relatives. But it happens seldom. I try first to tend to reconciliation and adjust a conflict I am a good housewife. Order and comfort are in my house.
I am Anastasia, 24 y.o. from Kherson, I am a very good mom, I love my little treasure. I am open fellowship, sincere, loyal in friendship and relationship. Very often people compare me with the sun, which warmth all around by its \`rays\`. I have good energy. I love sports and dancing. I am always full of enthusiasm and new ideas. I am very gentle and affectionate, it is a pity that no one except my son give all his tenderness and warmth. I can always listen and give advice or just to support a loved one in a difficult situation. If you need my help, never give up, help in their capabilities. I always find a way out of any tricky situations, while trying to keep calm and confidence. I am very ambitious, I always achieve my goal. I think I have minor flaws that you will love. Who has not them? And yet I am always working on myself, striving for perfection.
I am Alla, 46 y.o. from Skadovsk, I am intelligent, educated and smart woman so I love my close friends and family. 
In my free time I love to embroider accompanied by music that helps me to relax. I like walks on the beach. Since I live nearby, I can share my impressions of the morning extraordinary pleasures, evening walks along the sea when you can enjoy the indescribable beauty of nature. I love listening to music, any style in any mood! Music gives me many positive charges! I am a very easy person in life! And at the same time I was quite demanding as to myself as to my children.
I am Evgeniya, 19 y.o. from Zaporozhye, I am cheerful and sociable, with soft nature and trying to treat people well, sincere, open and 
honest. I am creative and sometimes I am ready for fun things to do. In personal relationship I am 
caring and passionate. I like showing each other our feelings. I\'ll give my tenderness and affection, 
I will be faithful and true with my special man.
I am Ekaterina, 22 y.o. from zaporozhye, Very outgoing, easy-going, caring, giving person. Love nature, people and life. I love to make people smile, as it makes me feel happy. I find it very important to stay truthful to myself and others. Integrity and accountability are my main character traits. I love traveling, reading, meeting new people. I think that each day is for us to learn something new, as well as to be enjoyed, and that is my life motto.
I need fresh air, I need adventures, traveling, walking under the moon with man I love I like my life, and people I know and I hate loneliness
I am Irina, 29 y.o. from Nikolaev, I am honest, well mannered, kind, open-minded, and faithful. I love children. I have got self-respect, and I cannot stand rudeness and lies. I like home comfort very much.
I am Anastasia, 24 y.o. from Zaporozhye, Hi! I am down to earth, spontaneous by nature and positive person. I live in the now and enjoy what 
ever I am doing. I try to make the world a better place, and I enjoy helping out. I love animals, we should take care and love them, as they are our faithful friends
I am Alina, 28 y.o. from Kherson, Young, tiny brunette who dreams to establish an ideal family in which the world, love, happiness and harmony will reign. I want to open the world together with you!
I am Elena, 27 y.o. from Nikolaev, I am kind, reliable and sincere person. I appreciate people 
around me and always try to do my best if they need my help
I am Evgeniya, 29 y.o. from Nikopol, I think it is impossible discribe yourself in few words. We should discribe each other all time. One could say, that I never play games!
I am Elena, 26 y.o. from Zaporozhye, My main dignity is my kind heart. This is what people say and I think they are right. I really like to be kind and caring. I am purposeful and very energetic person. Romantic, naive, open-hearted - all is about me. I am faithful, lies and betrayals conflict with my soul. I am sportive girl, and this is a part of my profession. I like to go to the swimming pool, jogging, basketball. I am interested in psychology, I like to communicate with people, kids, old ones. It gives me a lot of life experience, I like to listen and learn. I am a good and inventive cook.
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