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Our company is one of the leaders in the international dating sphere, we are well-experienced as we have been working since 1999. We do care for our clients and their interests. Therefore we publish only real and checked Ladies in the database whom we contact by the phone, as well we request their documents if it is necessary and we deliver all presents and flowers to them through independent agents. We have the largest net of independent agents all over the world who deliver flowers and presents ordered by our clients.

The site is equipped with a very flexible search system, free letters of interest and comfortable correspondence service. Moreover many Ladies have video presentations.

We go with the times offering only the best and newest services to our members in the international dating sphere - two way Live Video Chat with a big window for video and audio streaming of high quality. You can get immediately acquainted with a Lady, during 2-3 minutes online!

Every day a lot of new ladies are published in the catalogue! We throughly follow the anti-scam policy and we do examine attentively any member's complaint. All information about scamming actions is taken into consideration and a Lady-scammer is immediately published in the black list. Therefore the percent of scamming actions is almost zero and our clients trust us!

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I am Anna, 32 y.o. from Melitopol, I am extremely romantic and adore making pleasant surprises for my close people nevertheless if there is any special occasion or not.
I am Lubov, 27 y.o. from Nikolaev, I am not looking for a super man here.. I need a man that will make me fly without wings.. I need a man that can warm me every cold night with his passion and love.. I am a woman that is able to brighten your life with emotions unknown to you before. Try this.
I am Anna, 27 y.o. from Lugansk, My friends say that I am kind and responsive person. I see myself as a 
cheerful and good-humored girl. I will help everyone who needs my help. I 
am a go getter and totally self-made person, I am an overachiever and also 
a good friend. I am a fan of shopping, music, dances. I like to practice what 
I learn and that’s why I can do many things. I respect hobbies of others and 
also can share them. I also like reading. I think that it is very good if you 
can find time for reading of a nice book. I like spending time on the fresh 
I am Daria, 22 y.o. from Zaporozhye, I want you to feel that I am special girl and I\'m ready to make my man happy. I don`t want to tell much about myself, I`d like you to discover me day by day, step by step. I`m a sweet curly, enjoying life and taking everything from it. Like a tigress I am active, like a kitten I am fluffy.... and it\'s not everything about me.
I am Ruslana, 32 y.o. from Kirovograd, I am warm and caring person. I am very communicative and I love to smile and enjoy my life as it is. You never know what will happen in next second, so I will just enjoy this moment as long as I can
I am Anastasiya, 23 y.o. from Kirovograd, I think that people should take as much positive emotions from life as it possible. Im active and 
purposeful person. And I always reach success in everything that is interesting for me. Im also 
tender, caring and understanding person. I can be a real friend, a loving wife and a passionate over. 
My heart is full of love and I wish to share it with you, my soulmate.
I am Irina, 35 y.o. from Zaporozhye, I am a kind-hearted and tender personality who takes much pleasure in every day that comes. My friends say I am good-looking but I hope that it is my loving and tender heart that is my most valuable treasure. I am lucky in all spheres of my life but now I want to get more concentrated on my personal life, I dream so much of having a united and loving family! You will be surprised but everything what I do I can call a hobby: I love to study and to gain something new in my mind, I love my work, my life is my hobby - to do something, to help someone and to feel everything around me.
I am Juliya, 34 y.o. from Melitopol, I am a single woman from Ukraine, many different situations and people encountered on my life story . I`m tender, kind, associative person. I like cook, flowers. At the moment, I can clearly define what I want and what I need to find happiness. I am calm, balanced, responsible and kind-hearted woman. I can do everything for a loved one, the main thing that he was happy!
I am Alina, 28 y.o. from Kherson, Young, tiny brunette who dreams to establish an ideal family in which the world, love, happiness and harmony will reign. I want to open the world together with you!
I am Elena, 34 y.o. from Melitopol, I am very romantic and simple woman. As every human on Earth I get pleasant and unpleasant things from life, but my optimism helps me to take everything with gratitude. Kind heart and responsible character – these all I possess according to opinion of my friends and relatives. I am down to earth woman, no extravagant needs, no craving for luxuries, no hunger for glory and fame. All I want – to have a loving and firm family and make them happy. I have a great number of interests, but all of them can be described in one word – life. I love life in all its beauty, I like nature and animals, we often go to picnics with friends, in summers I go to the seaside with my family. I like communicating with people, traveling and discovering new places. I love kids, and most of all, of course, my son. I like sports, both watching and playing, and I like the feeling after the gym when I am pleasantly tired and upbeat in the same time. I like cooking, housekeeping, it is very 
pleasant for me to see the results of this work and to understand that doing it I make the life of my close people comfortable and pleasant.
I am Olga, 29 y.o. from Melitopol, There is so much unspent tenderness in my heart; I wish to give it to my close person. Will you become this person? :o)
I am Olga, 24 y.o. from Melitopol, I am a sincere person, if I feel or think something I am never afraid to speak it aloud. May be some people don’t like this quality in me but I consider it being my big plus – you can freely ask me and I will give you my honest answer.
I am Olga, 27 y.o. from Melitopol, I am like a rainbow inside, colored, different, intriguing, bringing happiness, joy, smiles…
I am Anastasia, 24 y.o. from Zaporozhye, Hi! I am down to earth, spontaneous by nature and positive person. I live in the now and enjoy what 
ever I am doing. I try to make the world a better place, and I enjoy helping out. I love animals, we should take care and love them, as they are our faithful friends
I am Alla, 34 y.o. from Nikolaev, People who are close to me and who know me well characterize me as a sophisticated, easy-going, persistent, inventive, responsible and thoughtful person.
I am Julia, 32 y.o. from Melitopol, I am energetic, caring, honest, tender, passionate, and always ready to help. I am surrounded by the great numerous of people, who are my friends and relatives. I know what the love is, but for now I am single lady and would be happy to meet my second half, no matter where he lives. I used to be high spirits that is why surrounded people often ask me for a help when they are in hard situation in life. This is not a problem for me to be a housekeeper and mother, having not job. I finished Agro-technical Academy and then I got a job of seller in the auto shop. I liked my job during the 4 years, but I understood that I can do something more… Than, I was working as an accountant in a big firm. For now I search for new job and my fate abroad.
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